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My fiancée and I recently visited this establishment last night after attending a wedding. We wanted to make a mini-vacation out of it and decided to go out afterward. A staff member at our hotel suggested Rita's Roadhouse. We both work full time and work very hard. And when we decided to spend our hard-earned money at this business, I was extremely dissatisfied with the behavior of the staff. It was not so much the money wasted that upset me. My time is very precious to me, and it was wasted.

Upon entering Rita's, I was excited about the venue. It is big, well-sectioned, and had many options to meander. We went to the bar in the back because it was not busy and bought two drinks ($7.50 a piece). When asked what I would like to have, I asked her if she knew how to make a Tropical Sunrise, and she said, "No." I started to tell her it has Resposado tequila in it. But before I could get a word out, she made the drink without even paying attention and my fiancée paid her for it. I took one half of a sip and it was terrible. Okay, no big deal. I told her I didn't care for the drink and she told me in a very rude tone, "Well, it's what you asked for," and turned around to ignore me. After finally gaining her partial attention again, I asked her if I could have something else. She said, "I have to get a manager." So I waited, a very long time for her to call over a manager, and she obviously never even made an attempt.

After this, I walked through Rita's on my own in search of a manger over this simple problem that had a simple fix (to just give me a different drink). I went to the main bar and asked a bar tender there if I could please talk to a manager. After I told her what happened, she threw $6.00 at me and told me the bar was closed. I asked again to please let me speak with a manager. She said, "You got your money back." So, let me get this straight. I give this business $7.50 for nothing in return, as I did give them their drink back. And I get $6.00 and a boot out the door? Not to mention the cab fare and time that was wasted because we would have picked a different place had we known this was an accepted way of treating the guests at Rita's Roadhouse.

The security guard approached me and asked me to leave. I told him my situation and asked for a manager, and he said to me, "I'm the manager." Then I said I would like to please talk with an actual manager. And he told me very sternly, "Well, the manager doesn't care. Get out!" When I asked him what his name was, he refused to tell me. Another security guard approached me. I said, "Please, I just want to talk to a manager. This is ridiculous!" He said, "I remember you were in here last week causing trouble." He was remembering incorrectly, because this was the first time I had ever even been to that town. He told me he was x-military and threatened to use physical force to take me outside. Then he told me to lower my tone. Are you serious? It was so incredibly loud in there (as it is a club), how could he hear me otherwise? One has no choice but to speak loudly and annunciate. Oh, but yes, he didn't care, and nor did the manager according the first security guard.

After this, a bartender very forcefully put $2 into my hands. They told me, "Okay, you got your money back. Now you gotta go." Actually, I got fifty extra cents back. But as I said before, my biggest issue had nothing to do with money. It was how I was treated by the staff. On their website, it says that they hire staff with "positive attitudes with a YES! mentality." Well, all I got was negative, aggressive attitudes that made me feel extremely unwelcome, and the answer no.

This was not only a horrifying bar experience. It was by far the WORST outing I have ever experienced. The staff was beyond extremely rude and aggressive. I felt mentally abused and intimidated.

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Since you don't mention your gender, nor your fiancee's gender, I'm guessing you were a *** couple and that's why they treated you the way they did. Possibly you could sue for discrimination!

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Sometimes you've just got to pick your battles.

If you're getting thrown out by security there's no denying that you must at least share the blame.

Take the higher road, be the bigger person, live and learn, caveat emptor... These phrases exist for a reason.

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